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Why did we choose Hungary?

In 2011 when visiting Hungary, we were very unsure what to expect.   Reports were conflicting and the press seemed to have a new view on their politics – daily.  We could not have been more presently surprised.  After more than a decade of integration and time spent in Cyprus, Malta, Spain and Portugal and more recently Slovenia; Hungary was a breath of fresh air.

Budapest, in particular, seemed to encompass all the very best that the other countries we had visited so frequently, had on offer, whilst culturally offering a new level of interesting and sophisticated experiences. The people were highly receptive and friendly, and we were immediately aware of how reasonably priced everything was.

Once we had furnished our apartment and moved in, things started to connect. After some first meetings with the foreign ministry, we came to realize that South Africans were truly welcome in Hungary.  Now some 11 years later and after helping many South Africans to acquire Hungarian EU Residency and Citizenship, we can truly say that Hungary offers the easiest and most affordable pathway by far when compared with any of the typical jurisdictions on offer.

We also came to the understanding that the perception that Hungarian politics were volatile and potentially even negative was far from the truth.  Instead, we quickly understood that those in power and their opposition agreed on one primary matter …That is of the wellbeing and sustainability of their country and its citizens.

Contrary to many perceptions, Hungary is an economically and politically stable country that has well-managed borders and sustainable fiscal policies.  They are a contributing EU and Schengen member country that has expanded excellent cross-border trade, EU initiatives and has embraced the support of the Union to excellent and long-term benefit and expansion for Hungary.

As far as the interests of our clients are concerned, Hungary has for more than a decade proven to be our best jurisdiction for delivery of outcomes at the most affordable rate and offers the most predictable process in Europe. We have gained support from all quarters in politics in Hungary and as such our process has an endorsement from both sides of the political arena, and as such has been the least affected of all our offerings when it comes to legislative or political sentiment or change.

For ourselves and many clients, Hungary has also proven to offer the most flexible and versatile integration options for those clients wanting to broaden their long stay options and business objectives elsewhere in Europe.  We would love to share our knowledge and experiences in this regard with others.

How to obtain EU Residency in Hungary?

• We register a local company and appoint you as a company director.
• Hungary maintains the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU (9%) and with no taxes on corporate capital gains and dividends (non-EU nationals)
• We then make an application for your residency and work permit and arrange a visit to the Hungarian embassy for biometric fingerprint measurement.
• A property purchase is made by the company for as little as EUR 150 000 which then can be rented out so that the company can generate regular income and prove economic activity.
• We put you on payroll and you’ll pay minimal income tax and social security contributions.
• This allows us to link and apply for your spouse as well as any dependent children for their EU ID Cards, thereby providing them with the benefit from local healthcare, welfare and education.
• For renewal of your EU ID Cards, we make an application for renewal with the immigration authorities who then verify compliance and company accounts to prove income from the capital investment made.
• Normally after the first renewal application, longer-term EU ID cards will be issued providing you with the option of permanent EU residency.

Many in South Africans are setting their sights on the prospect of second country residency. Hungary offer a safe and stable environment to live, work and function from. Economic and political stability paired by a pro-business sentiment makes Hungary the ideal location for EU property and business investment.

Hungary Gateway is geared to assist, introduce and facilitate EU residency and corporate services for those wanting to establish their “home from home” in Europe. Contact us today for an in-depth consultation regarding expanding your sights to Europe and launching EU second country residency from this exciting jurisdiction.

Hungary is situated in Central Europe surrounded by neighbouring EU member states such as Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Hungary is cosmopolitan, a leading jurisdiction for industry, finance and commerce as well as full EU and Schengen member.


EU Residency in Hungary requires registration of a Hungarian company,  a registered office as well as a  business domicile. Hungary Gateway facilitates such services in Budapest with complete ease for our clients.


Many of our clients are setting their sights on expanding their present lifestyle for many various reasons by gaining a second residence as part of a sustainable “plan B” process.


Our core philosophy is based upon our ability to ensure optimal preparation and execution of all legal requirements providing full outcomes for the right to work and reside in Europe.

Hungary Gateway was established by Axis Worldwide to serve as the primary facilitator for South Africans seeking EU Residency as well as prime Property & Business investment services.

What makes the Hungary EU Business Residency Programme the best in Europe?


Initial process are done remotely with only limited travel required once ID card has been processed


Easy requirements


Fast processing


Your spouse and dependent children processed after the residency permit is issued to the primary applicant


Fees from only €36 000 makes this programme the cheapest offering in Europe


Freely travel within the EU and Schengen countries without any visas required


Hungary is an extremely safe country. You and your family can feel totally safe and secure in Hungary


This programme only requires  capital investment from EUR 200 000 or more


Hungary’s low tax company business structure is the perfect springboard for access and integration throughout the whole of Europe

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Hungary Gateway was established by Axis World Wide and has since become the primary means for South Africans seeking EU Residency, Property & Business investment and European Corporate services.